Custom Recording Studios
Since 1965

Control Room Custom Recording Studios is a full-time, professional 2 through 24-track digital recording facility, specializing in music and voiceover recording. Because we use the finest microphones (such as Telefunken-Neumann, RCA, and AKG), our customers can get the prestigious sound of Capitol Records without spending the capital.

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Control Room (18 x 15):
Spacious and comfortable with leather sofa seating.

Studio A Studio A (20 x 15):
Features an elegant six-foot Yamaha C-3 Conservatory Grand piano that is tuned faithfully each month by a Yamaha specialist.

Studio B (9 x 15):
Features a 1960-vintage Hammond B-3 in mint condition with a Leslie RV-122 tone cabinet. Studio B is also used for drums and vocal isolation.

We specialize in recording all forms of acoustic music, including classical, jazz, country, bluegrass, gospel, classic rock and ethnic music. We do not record music with vulgar or explicit lyrics.

Our Amazing Acoustics

Custom Recording Studios' Acoustics are superbly engineered for music or voice recording. There are no standing waves to color the sound. And the amount of isolation between musicians and singers is amazing.

We have been told that we have the lowest floor noise of any studio and that our control room is one of the most accurate for mixing tracks.

Our Track Record

We have recorded over 2000 albums and thousands of professional demos. Many of our albums are played on jazz radio stations (such as KBEM) and sold in music stores all over the country and abroad. Our albums have received high accolades in magazines such as Downbeat and Contemporary Christian Magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just because a song is five minutes long, it doesn't mean that you can record it in five minutes or less. There are many variables involved here: Do you want to track all instruments and vocals at the same time? Or do you want to track just the piano, bass, and drums and dub in vocals and harmonies later on? Every recording project is different and it would be best for you to come in and discuss what you would like to accomplish. That way we can show you projects that we have done in the past that are similar to yours.

In the past, we have truly broken some records (no pun intended.) A seasoned citizen recorded 23 complete songs on the piano in one hour. Recently, a rock band completely recorded 20 original songs in less than two hours. We had a lady several years ago who spent ten hours on each vocal track. Our Willie Nelson impersonator recorded his entire album in three hours. And a violinist from Toronto and a local pianist spent six hours on 1 song. Every project has its own timeline, and you are always in control. If you are happy, we are happy--that is the bottom line.

There has never been a million-seller or Grammy-winner that was recorded and mastered by the same studio. There is much more to mastering than making everything sound loud. The gentleman that does our mastering makes sure that all the dynamics of the performance are there and that the CD will sound its very best on whatever it is played on. Most studios rely on mastering as a "fix-it-all" for poor-sounding recordings.

Back in 1998, when we switched from analog multi-track to 24-track digital, the only recording system that came close to the preferred warm sound of analog tape was the Hi-8 digital recording system. The Hi-8 system is still used a lot in motion pictures and gives us the ability of perfect punch-ins and -outs and cross-fades. I have not been able to find an engineer that can tell the difference between our analog recordings and full digital recordings. Because we do hundreds of sessions a year, it would almost be impossible to keep everything on computer hard drives. The Hi-8 tapes take up little space and are good for thousands of passes before they start to deteriorate.

The BBB has called us many times and has said that our business has an A+ rating. That means no complaints. Membership in the BBB costs more than $400 per year and we prefer not to pass that cost along to our customers. To the best of our knowledge, none of our customers have complained during our almost 50 years in business.

Please call for appointment or for a friendly no-obligation tour of our studio.
We have several hundred albums on display for you to view and hear.

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