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Choosing A Recording Studio

Choosing a recording studio for your music project can be very confusing. With all the hype out there, it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Very few recording studios offer a grand piano or Hammond B-3 for your use or couple them with one of the most sought-after microphone collections available. A full-service recording studio should be able to work on all aspects of a project, from studio to remote recording to CD album production.

The engineer that you hire should have competence, integrity, and the friendly people skills and knowledge necessary to accomplish what he or she has been hired to do. The engineer and studio you hire should be familiar with recording all types of music, including classical, jazz, pop, rock, country, gospel, ethnic, etc.

The distinguishing mark of a professional engineer is a commitment to the highest standards in the recording industry using proven procedures and recording techniques learned from many years of experience on hundreds of recording sessions. It is appropriate to choose an engineer for whom recording is a full-time career, not a part-time job to supplement income between day jobs and gigs. I have made recording my life's work. I have been recording profesionally since 1965.

The recording equipment in the studio should match the recording industry's standards. There should be a large selection of highest quality microphones, including large-diaphragm condensers (such as Neumann U-87s and U-67s), classic ribbon mics (such as the RCA 77DX), and a variety of small and large condenser and dynamic mics.

The world-famous Capitol Studios lists its microphones on its website. If you look at our respective websites, you will see that Custom Recording Studios uses many of the same microphones. Almost all music bought by consumers or heard on the radio is recorded using the Neumann U-87 or U-67. Neumann U-87s and U-67s cost between $3000 and $5000 apiece, which means that very few studios in our price range can afford to feature them. However, to use lesser microphones would be unworthy of the time, effort, and money you invest in your music.

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