Custom Recording Studios
Since 1965

1968 RCA 77-DX
Neumann U-87
Our Microphones
Our Microphones

Microphones (classic and vintage - all mint condition):
(3) Neumann U-87 condenser
(1) Telefunken-Neumann U-67 tube condenser
(2) Neumann M-147 tube condenser
(2) Neumann KM-84 condenser
(2) AKG C414-EB condenser
(3) RCA 77-DX ribbon
(4) Shure SM-81 condenser
(2) Octava MC012 condenser
(1) Shure 330 ribbon
(1) Shure 55S dynamic
(2) Shure SM-57 dynamic
(1) Audio Technica PRO-25 dynamic (for kick drum)
(2) Shure 58 dynamic (for scratch vocals)

Recording Consoles:
(1) Mackie 24 X 8 recording and mixing console
(2) Mackie 6 X 2 mixers (for on-location)

Digital Recording Machines:
(7) Tascam Hi-8 DA38 24-track machines
(1) Sony PCM-R-500 DAT recorder
(2) HHB CDR-800 professional CD recorders
(3) HHB CDR-830 Professional CD recorders

High Speed Duplicators:
(1) Tascam CD-400 CD duplicator
(1) Microboards Quick-Disc 16x speed duplicator
(1) Microboards Quick-Disc 3-disc CD duplicator
(1) Tower DVD duplicator

Analog Recording Machines:
(1) Sony 1/4-track reel-to-reel with hard-to-find 1.78 speed
(1) Fostex E-16 16-track
(1) Crown CX-822 2-track mastering
(1) Otari MX-5050 2-track
(1) Technics 1500 2-track
(1) Pioneer RT-701 1/4-track reel-to-reel

Special Effects:
(1) Yamaha Rev-7 digital reverb
(2) Yamaha SPX-90 digital reverb
(1) Lexicon MPX MPX-100 digital reverb
(1) ADA D640 digital delay
(1) Alesis digital reverb (for on-location recording)
(2) Alesis 3630 stereo compressors

Monitoring Systems:
(1) Adcom 200-watt power amp
(1) Crown SA-3030 power amp
(2) Dynaco PAS-3 tube preamps
(2) JBL-2600 close monitors
(2) JBL L-100 monitors
(2) Infinity (modified) main studio monitors
(4) little red cue boxes for headphones
(12) Sony 7506 headphones

A Little Bit Of Microphone Heaven

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