Custom Recording Studios
Since 1965

Yamaha Conservatory Grand Six-foot Yamaha C-3 Conservatory Grand piano tuned faithfully once a month by a Yamaha specialist.

Most Twin Cities studios do not provide the luxury of a grand piano. Many studios do not even feature an acoustic piano; they substitute synthesizers instead.

“This is the very best piano I have ever played in my life.” Jim Szana

“I have been very pleased with the quality recordings that I have done at Custom Recording Studios. The piano is maintained to the highest standards and is a joy to play!” Neal Topliff

“...and a gorgeous Yamaha C-3 piano which is tuned and serviced every month.” Thor Polson

Hammond B3 and Leslie RV-122 Hammond B-3 organ with Leslie RV-122 tone cabinet

Roland drum machine

Peavey guitar amp

Crate guitar amp

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