Custom Recording Studios
Since 1965

On-Location Recording Since 1965

To listen to samples of our on-location recordings, use the links in the right-hand column.

Besides offering the finest professional studio recording for over 45 years, Custom Recording Studios offers the very finest in on-location recording services.

There are many on-location recording services available in the metro area to choose from. Many of them use only 2 microphones to record an entire choir or concert. Remember all of those awful-sounding school recordings? All of our on-location recordings sound like they were recorded in a professional recording studio.

Many times we use 8 or more high-quality microphones for your session. These microphones are the same ones that are used at the famous Capitol Records studios. These microphones allow the listener to hear the complete voices of the choir as well as everything else that makes for a great-sounding recording: the piano, bass, guitars, drums, and other instruments. You won't hear that far-away reverb sound of room noise and rumble or the poor acoustics that are always evident with using only 2 microphones in on-location recordings.

We also provide on-location multi-track recording. Multi-track recording affords the option of recording lead vocals and other instuments later on and then mixed for an awesome-sounding finished recording.


Our rates have remained the same for the last 30 years. We charge a minimum of $250 for this service. That price includes up to 5 hours of time. Additional time will be billed at $50.00 per hour after the minimum. Outside the Twin Cities, a mileage fee is applied.

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